Monday, June 28, 2010

A new Job

Growing up I always I wanted to be a teacher and work with special needs families in low income areas. My childhood dream became a reality. I graduated in 2003 with a BS in Special Education. My first teaching job was in Bronx, NY. My husband and I moved to Memphis, TN for 3 years we served families in the projects and I was a special education teacher. My husband was offered a paid ministry job in Sallisaw, OK... we'll the church was not ready for growth and change. 18 months later my children are attending the same school district as my husband. My husband is not a paid minister and I no longer have the title "teacher".

I am currently working as a custodian at a local college and my husband works in a factory. When my husband resigned his last job our marriage was no longer solid. 6 months and intense counseling later our marriage is currently the strongest it has been since our 10 years of marriage.

This weekend I was lying in bed pondering the idea of wearing the new custodian uniform. I cried myself a few nights getting down for not being National Board Certified, not being able to meet the state requirements for teaching in the state of Oklahoma.

I realize that my true self is not in a job title, a pay check, or school mascot. My true identity is in Christ. As I surrender everything to God am understanding who I am meant to be and how to instill in my children their identity.

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